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    To help insure that all of the Franklin High School Alumni are informed of what the Association is doing and has done on their behalf we have now created links to our newsletters. These newsletters are in PDF format and can be read on-line or downloaded and printed.
    Our newsletters are mailed each October. They keep the alumni informed but also serve as an invoice for membership to the Association.  Your membership and donations to the different funds allow us to continue to operate the Association on your behalf and to continue our scholarship program.  When you receive the newsletter please continue to complete the membership form and send it back to us with the dues and any contributions to the various other funds.  If you have not received a newsletter and would like to do so, please email us with your request and include your full name, year of graduation and mailing address.  If you have not mailed your membership fee as of yet, please complete the form that is on this web site or click on the word form. The Alumni Association is always looking for active members. If you are interested, email us and we will send you meeting information.
Because the newsletters have numerous pages it will take a while to load depending upon your connection speed.  Sometimes as much as 2 minutes. It will require Adobe Reader.  Here is a link to the free program.
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October, 2007 Newsletter PDF
October 2008 Newsletter PDF
October 2009 Newsletter PDF
October, 2006 Newsletter PDF
The Alumni Association of Franklin High School, Inc
This site is dedicated to the continuing education through Alumni Scholarships for the students of Franklin High School.
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October 2010 Newsletter PDF
October 2011 Newsletter PDF
October 2012 Newsletter PDF
October 2013 Newsletter PDF
October 2014 Newsletter PDF